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Search Bank and Government Foreclosures - Tennessee

DETAILSSmyrnaCliffstone Dr37167 4/4.00$369,900.00
DETAILSLa VergneGeneil Ln37086 3/3.00$154,900.00
DETAILSLavergneTonya Drive37086 3/2.00$109,900.00
DETAILSLavergneFergus Road37086 3/2.00$109,000.00
DETAILSSmyrnaBordeaux Ct37167 3/2.00$119,900.00
DETAILSSmyrnaNova Court37167 3/2.50$139,900.00
DETAILSSmyrnaWolverine Ct37167 3/2.50$109,000.00
DETAILSMurfreesboroN Lakeshore Dr37130 3/1.50$79,900.00
DETAILSSmyrnaWoodcliff Ct37167 4/4.00$334,900.00
DETAILSSmyrnaSeminary Road37167 3/1.00$86,900.00
DETAILSLavergneHerman B Rader Dr37086 3/2.00$144,900.00
DETAILSLavergneMountain Top Trl37086 3/2.00$124,900.00
DETAILSLa VergnePearson Lane37086 $139,900.00
DETAILSLa VergneSouthlake Court37086 3/2.00$107,500.00
DETAILSLa VergneZellwood Dr37086 3/2.00$124,900.00
DETAILSMurfreesboroCalifornia Dr37129 $184,900.00
DETAILSLavergneHolland Ridge37086 3/2.50$134,900.00
DETAILSLavergneBantam Ct37086 $123,500.00
DETAILSMurfreesboroPrestwick Drive37130 $399,900.00
DETAILSMurfreesboroTrailside Dr37130 3/2.00$118,900.00
DETAILSMurfreesboroCranor Road37130 3/1.00$98,000.00
DETAILSSmyrnaMckean Dr37167 2/2.00$112,000.00
DETAILSMurfreesboroCalifornia Drive37129 3/2.00$169,900.00
DETAILSMurfreesboroMiddleton Lane37130 4/2.50$179,900.00
DETAILSLascassasHoover Road37085 3/2.00$140,900.00
DETAILSMurfreesboroBig Eagle Trail37127 $499,900.00
DETAILSSmyrnaCarter Ln37167 3/1.00$99,900.00
DETAILSMiltonStricklin Ln37118 4/2.00$114,900.00
DETAILSMurfreesboroEast State Street37130 $44,900.00
DETAILSSmyrnaSky Valley Trail37167 3/2.00$114,900.00
DETAILSMurfreesboroPlayer Drive37128 $174,900.00
DETAILSSmyrnaClearview Drive37167 $119,500.00
DETAILSLascassasFarmington Road37085 4/3.00$240,500.00
DETAILSLa VergneChenoweth Ln37086 3/2.00$157,500.00
DETAILSMurfreesboroLaurel Court37130 $94,900.00
DETAILSLavergneNewport Pl37086 4/2.50$323,500.00
DETAILSLavergneRosecran Cir37086 $139,900.00
DETAILSLavergneAkins Ridge Dr37086 $114,900.00
DETAILSLa VergneJames Gafford Dr37086 3/2.00$99,900.00
DETAILSMurfreesboroGold Valley Dr37130 4/3.00$216,000.00
DETAILSMurfreesboroMagnolia Ct37128 $170,000.00
DETAILSMurfreesboroCrescent Road37128 3/2.00$108,977.00
DETAILSSmyrnaRock Springs Rd37167 3/2.50$143,700.00
DETAILSMurfreesboroWalnut Lane37129 $74,900.00
DETAILSMurfreesboroWalking Dr37130 4/2.50$238,000.00
DETAILSMurfreesboroN Wagon Trail37128 3/2.00$112,900.00
DETAILSLa VergneHerman B. Radar Drive37086 $143,900.00
DETAILSLa VergneHerman B Rader Drive37086 $144,900.00
DETAILSMurfreesboroCentral Valley Rd37129 $199,900.00

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