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Search Bank and Government Foreclosures - Arkansas

DETAILSSpringdaleTumbleweed Drive72764 3/2.00$82,000.00
DETAILSSpringdaleMida Ave72762 $136,000.00
DETAILSSpringdaleNantucket St72764 3/2.00$130,500.00
DETAILSSpringdaleVillage Ln72764 3/2.00$100,000.00
DETAILSSpringdaleHarry St72764 3/2.00$96,000.00
DETAILSSpringdalePioneer St72764 3/2.00$91,000.00
DETAILSElkinsHcr 61 20872727 4/2.00$89,900.00
DETAILSCanehillJack Road72717 4/2.50$83,835.00
DETAILSWinslowBidville Road72959 3/2.00$63,900.00
DETAILSSpringdalePersimmon St72764 3/2.00$115,000.00
DETAILSSpringdaleCharles Avenue72764 8/6.00$100,000.00
DETAILSSpringdaleCharles Avenue72764 8/6.00$100,000.00
DETAILSSpringdaleRtl) 312 Bigi Avenue72764 4/2.00$159,900.00
DETAILSPrairie GroveGreasy Valley Road727539292 3/2.00$164,900.00
DETAILSSpringdaleMida Ave72762 3/2.00$120,000.00
DETAILSSpringdaleTaylor Ave72762 3/1.50$99,750.00
DETAILSSpringdaleAmhurst Loop72764 3/2.00$99,500.00
DETAILSFayettevilleFoothills Dr72701 3/2.00$189,900.00
DETAILSSpringdalePioneer St72764 3/2.00$99,000.00
DETAILSSpringdaleCascade Circle72764 3/2.00$90,000.00
DETAILSSpringdaleHighland Dr72764 3/2.00$110,000.00
DETAILSSpringdaleCave Creek Ln72764 3/2.00$109,000.00
DETAILSFayettevilleDogwood Cir72703 3/2.00$119,900.00
DETAILSSpringdaleSpringbrook72764 3/2.00$128,270.00
DETAILSSpringdaleScott Ln72762 3/1.50$111,504.00
DETAILSWinslowS Highway 7172959 3/2.00$129,900.00
DETAILSSpringdaleHolcomb Street-Hecm72764 4/2.00$134,900.00
DETAILSFayettevilleS. Laverine Ave72764 $99,900.00
DETAILSSpringdaleMountain View A72764 4/2.00$69,255.00
DETAILSFayettevilleE. Elaine Ave72703 $149,900.00
DETAILSSpringdaleWestwood Ave72762 4/1.00$89,100.00
DETAILSFayettevilleCannondale72704 3/2.00$192,900.00
DETAILSSpringdaleGalleon Ave72764 3/2.00$169,500.00
DETAILSSpringdaleCascade Cir72764 3/2.00$94,900.00
DETAILSPrairie GroveViney Grv Rd72753 3/2.00$139,900.00
DETAILSFarmingtonRheas Mill Rd72730 4/2.00$153,000.00
DETAILSPrairie GroveGrant Ave72753 3/2.00$129,900.00
DETAILSElkinsMadison 518572727 4/2.00$153,000.00
DETAILSSpringdalePasofino Loop72764 4/3.50$305,900.00
DETAILSSpringdaleShaw Ave72764 $64,900.00
DETAILSPrairie GroveViney Grove Road72753 $119,900.00
DETAILSSpringdaleCaudle Ave72764 $74,900.00
DETAILSSpringdaleScott Ln72762 $99,900.00
DETAILSSpring DaleN Cedar Grove Ln72764 $62,900.00
DETAILSFarmingtonFrisco Drive72730 5/4.00$305,500.00
DETAILSPrairie GroveGreasy Valley Rd72753 $309,900.00
DETAILSFarmingtonWedgeview Dr72730 4/2.70$139,900.00
DETAILSFarmingtonWolfdale Rd72730 2/2.00$69,900.00
DETAILSPrairie GroveE Mccormick St72753 $40,000.00
DETAILSBethel HeightsChip Drive72764 $139,900.00
DETAILSSpringdaleCarlock Rd72764 4/2.00$89,900.00
DETAILSFayettevilleVan Brunt Rd72701 3/2.00$119,600.00
DETAILSFayettevilleE Ferguson Ave72703 $186,900.00
DETAILSSpringdaleSingletree Ave72764 6/4.00$155,000.00
DETAILSPrairie GroveS Highway 26572753 $122,200.00
DETAILSSpringdaleIndian Springs Ave72762 4/2.50$224,900.00
DETAILSPraire GroveDitmars Rd72753 $198,900.00
DETAILSSpringdaleAmethyst Ave72764 3/2.00$95,950.00
DETAILSLincolnN Wedington B72744 3/2.00$59,049.00
DETAILSSpringdaleTwin Oaks # A72762 4/2.00$74,900.00
DETAILSFayettevilleE Gulley Rd72703 $164,900.00
DETAILSLincolnWest Bean Stree72744 $36,000.00
DETAILSPrairie GroveGreasy Valley Rd72753 $299,900.00
DETAILSSpringdaleColburn Ln72762 $114,900.00
DETAILSSpringdalePasofino Loop72764 5/4.50$399,900.00
DETAILSSpringdaleMill St72764 $69,500.00
DETAILSWest ForkJames Pl72774 8/6.50$417,900.00
DETAILSFayettevilleShoreline Way72703 2/1.00$79,900.00
DETAILSFayettevilleRobinson Road72704 6/2.00$54,900.00
DETAILSSpringdaleHoliday Road72764 3/2.00$146,205.00
DETAILSSpringdaleEleanor St72764 3/1.00$79,900.00

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